4 Warning Signs Your Dream Job May Be a Nightmare: Guest Post

Everyday Bright Guest Post

How many times have you envied a friend’s or colleague’s job and wondered, How can I get a job like that? Or may be you’ve fantasized about landing your dream job but not really thought deeply about what might happen if you actually got it.  This week I’m really excited to be guest blogging over at one of my favorite blogs, Everyday Bright. You can read about what happened to me when I finally land the job I’d been working so hard to get and what I learned from the experience.

While you are visiting Everyday Bright, I hope you’ll take the time look around and read a few of blogger Jen Gresham’s posts. If you are thinking about a career change or even just wanting to get more out of the job you have, you’ll love Jen’s counter-intuitive yet wise advise on how to create a career worth waking up for. Through her coaching, writing and speaking engagements, she’s helped hundreds of people design jobs they love.

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  • Heather Steele

    I just read your guest post at Everyday Bright and just wanted to say it really resonates with every job I’ve had that I realized wasn’t right for me. It’s funny how we envision the big corner office feeling so amazing that it is worth the sacrificed time, relationships, and sanity. Thanks for sharing your story!

    • bossmomonline

      Heather, thanks so much for dropping by Jen’s blog to read my post. I think so many of us have had these feelings but haven’t talked about it out loud. I definitely think it’s okay to admit when a job isn’t working but most importantly, to gather up the courage to make the change!

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