Mom and Wife. Corporate Executive. Author and Podcaster. Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach

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I was born and raised in California, the oldest of three kids. My dad was a community college administrator and my mom a librarian. My career has taken me all over the world from my early days as a public relations executive in New York and an expatriate in China to my career today as a global Chief Marketing Officer in the tech sector.

My career philosophy boils down to four things:

To challenge the narrative that one’s life and career need to follow a prescribed path. The only definition of success that matters is yours.

As a Black woman who has spent much of her career as an “only” I believe we need more Black and women of color with a seat at the table.

Whether you have kids or not. Whether or not you aspire to the highest reaches of corporate life, each of us is here to make an impact in our own way. Figure out your super powers, surround yourself with a community of people who will help you be your best self and whom you can help, then get after it.

This mindset informs my writing, speaking and leadership philosophy