I’m Portia.


Hello, Lovelies! By day I’m a marketing executive for a Fortune 500 company. First thing you need to know about me is I am passionate about helping women find their passion and their voice to become the leaders they are meant to be.

I am a writer, speaker, fitness enthusiast and obsessive home cook — all fueled by the glorious power of coffee. I’ve got two little kids and an awesome husband.

I started this blog, originally called Boss Mom, in 2010 after giving birth to my first child. I have been writing and speaking ever since on motherhood, career management, and what it means to be a modern woman balancing career family and one’s own personal mission.

I write on a variety of issues that are relevant to working women including fertility, balancing your energy for optimal health, where to find good childcare, and salary negotiation, to name a few topics.

Every now and then, I’ll fall in love with a product or service that’s too good to keep to myself. So on (rare) occasions you may see a sponsored post.

I love hearing from you so if you like what you see, drop me a line and say hello!

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I love hearing from you so drop me a line if something I write strikes your fancy or  you have an idea for a blog post suggestion. I do occasionally (and very selectively) accept sponsored posts. 


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