Japan Relief: How to Help

How to contribute to the relief effort in Japan

By now we’ve all seen the devastating news that continues to unfold in Japan. First a terrible earthquake, followed by a tsunami and now news of trouble at four of the country’s nuclear facilities. While it’s true Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, the humanitarian need in the wake of this crisis is enormous. Japan holds a special place in my heart as I had the opportunity to live and work there for a couple of years while in my 20’s. I’m relieved that all of my friends are safe but the on-going news of a country that I grew to love is saddening. Many international non-governmental agencies are on the ground helping the many thousands of displaced citizens. ¬†Here are a few that are accepting donations that will benefit Japan’s quake and tsunami victims:

  • www.savethechildren.org – Save the Children focuses specifically on the needs of children in crisis around the world. You can make a donation on-line through their official website.
  • www.redcross.org – Often a first responder to many environmental disasters, the Red Cross is providing medical and relief support to Japanese quake and tsunami victims.
  • www.unicef.org– UNICEF is also on the ground working to support Japanese families and their children. You can make a donation on-line through their secure site or text JAPAN to 864233 to donate $10.
  • www.continental.com – ¬†Continental Airlines is partnering with the Red Cross to accept mileage donations. Your donated OnePass miles will help Red Cross relief workers get to Japan.

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