New Year’s Resolutions for Working Moms

I’m not real big on making New Year’s resolutions any more but  for those who are still searching for something to resolve in the new year, I took the liberty of putting this little short list together for you. Feel free to add on.

  1. When there is a gorgeous handbag that I want need, I will buy it and not feel guilty.
  2. I will take the credit and not just chalk it up to luck or team work.
  3. I will not sit quietly in a meeting when I know I have a better idea.
  4. I will erase the phrase “I’ll just do it myself” from my vocabulary.
  5. When I come home from work, I will resist the urge to go into a cleaning  frenzy. The clothes stay on the floor. So. There.  
  6. I will outsource all non-value added activities like housework.
  7. I will stop waiting  to lose 10, 20 or a gazillion pounds before I invest in my personal appearance.
  8. I will stop trying to stop swearing. It just doesn’t f^&*$g work.
  9. I will (every now and then) behave badly just to remind myself that well-behaved women rarely make history.  
  10. I will remember to be grateful every day.
  11. I will live my life with passion and purpose.
  12. I’ll do it anyway, even if I feel afraid or think it will make me unpopular.
  13. I’ll remember that at the end of the day, no one ever wished they spent more time at the office.
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  • Blessing

    I should print this for my home office. My husband is reading this and laughing so hard.

    • bossmomonline

      Blessing, glad you liked the post and thanks for sharing with your husband. I was surprised that my husband got a kick out of it too 🙂

  • Steph from Be Positive Mom

    This is funny! Great way to kick off the year 🙂 #8 made me laugh.

    • bossmomonline

      Thanks for stopping by, Steph. Your blog reminds me that I should have also put “Be positive”on the list — there is so much doom and gloom out there that it’s good to remember that our attitude determines our outlook. Hope your 2012 is off to a great start.

  • Latorsha

    Love, love, love this list!! I might have to steal some of them!

  • Tracy

    Love these! Thanks for sharing. I love 10, 11 and 4 – Still working on #1 though. You are making me re-think my lack of resolutions (as relaxing as it is not to have any). Happy New Year.

    • bossmomonline

      Tracy, glad you liked these! I’m a firm believer that having no resolutions is perfectly fine! These days, I’m all about making one or two commitments that I can work on for the whole year and actually keep. Thanks for stopping by and I hope your year is off to a good start.

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