Questions that Make a Difference

Questions that Make a Difference Every Day,

A few months ago, famed author and executive coach Marshall Goldsmith visited my organization. Goldsmith is all about helping executives lead authentic, purposeful lives. He shared an interesting exercise that I now do with my husband as part of our evening “wind down” routine. It’s simple. Write down 10-15 questions you each want to be asked everyday by a partner, friend or colleague. Each question must be answered with a “yes”, a “no” or a number. The only rule is no negative feedback or guilt tripping responses. Offer praise and positive reinforcement. Ask these questions of each other every day without fail.

Here are my questions:

  1. Did I give thanks for at least three blessings  in my life today?
  2. Did I spend quality time just playing and listening to my son?
  3. How often did I truly listen with intent today without being judgmental?
  4. Did I stay true to my Weight Watchers goals?
  5. Have I put off doing something necessary just because I find it unpleasant?
  6. Have I said “I love You” to Dr. D. today?
  7. How many trade articles have I read to keep up with my industry?
  8. Did I “check in” with my family this week just to see how they are doing?
  9. Did I do something positive for my physical fitness?
  10. Did I do something kind for someone?

Why take the time to do this exercise? Goldsmith writes that asking and answering these questions every day will help to you reflect upon and clarify your values. Give it a try for 30 days and see how it works for you.

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  • Cheryl Schirillo

    What a great idea Portia. I’m going to write my list now and start the questions tomorrow.

    • bossmomonline

      That’s great, Cheryl! Please share how it works out for you!

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