Three More Reasons #GirlsRule

I don’t know about you but sometimes I need to be inspired.

I need that especially now.

It’s been a pretty bleak summer for news but there have been bright spots.

I love these stories of three very different females, who have challenged the odds in their respective sports.

Mo’ne Davis was one of two girls playing in this year’s Little League World Series. Her lightening-fast pitch took her team to the finals and shot her to national stardom.

Even more impressive than her fast ball was her incredible poise during media interviews at the height of the series.

What could be more awesome?

How about making the cover of Sports Illustrated?


Mo'Ne Davis

Mo’Ne Davis makes SI cover history.

I know what you are thinking.

A female on the cover of SI who isn’t wearing a bikini


That’s how much of badass Mo’Ne is.

I’m pretty sure Misty Copeland’s spot for Under Armour will be one of my favorite ads of 2014.

If you aren’t familiar with Misty Copeland, she is a soloist for the American Ballet Theatre.

She also happens to be the company’s first African-American soloist in two decades.

As one of the few prima ballerinas of color, she’s challenged the conventional body type long promoted in the dance world.

George Balanchine is no doubt rolling in his grave but kudos to ABT for recognizing her incredible talent.

The Under Armour message is powerful because it speaks to women and girls of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds about the importance of perseverance.


Now if you are looking to be completely blown away, look no further than Kacey Catanzaro at the 2014 Dallas finals for American Ninja Warrior.

I’m not big into reality shows but someone forwarded this clip to me and it left me gasping, cheering and pumping my fist as she demolished one obstacle after another.

Kacy became the first woman to complete the course.

If you have any doubt about just how hard this event is, listen to stunned voices of the commentators as she tears through the course.



Mo’ne, Misty, Kacy.

Here’s to defying the odds, crushing stereotypes and blowing past all expectations.

How can you not be inspired?

Have a great weekend!



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