Time for a Little Nip/Tuck!

You may have noticed that my posts on Boss Mom have been slim this year. After a really tough 2012 that ended with the death of my beloved younger brother Bart and what has turned out  to be a super busy but productive 2013, I decided to take a break from blogging and collect myself. I very briefly contemplated ending my blogging “career”, but you know what? I really missed you all! And with all of the recent news about working mothers opting out, opting in and “having it all” I thought, “I can’t quit now. I have too much to say!”

So after more than two years of steady blogging, it’s finally time to give Boss Mom a good makeover and update the look and functionality of the site. I’m super excited to show it to you and I’ve got a ton of new content to share with you. 2013 has been all about reflection and being present in the moment for me and the time off from blogging has given me a lot insights and thoughts. Most importantly, in 2014 I want to grow the Boss Mom community to be a positive and engaging forum for working mothers. I hope you’ll help me do this.

The new and improved site will be more interactive with videos, photos, interviews with some of my favorite peeps and of course, my own take on being a working mom who’s trying to balance it all without going crazy.

I’ll officially relaunch Boss Mom on January 1, 2014 starting with a giveaway of some of my favorite things. I will upload a post or two to this current site in the interim but be sure to mark your calendars to visit in January.

Finally, the emails, tweets and comments you share inspire and encourage me so much. And the amazing people I have met on this blogging journey continues to blow my mind!  From the bottom of my heart, thanks so much for your support.

The best is yet to come!

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