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The Incline at Manitou Springs, Colorado

Last week while on a business trip in Colorado Springs I did a few amazing hikes with my colleagues. By far one of the most challenging was a hike known as “The Incline” located in Manitou. It’s an old trail that is paved with 2800 wooden rail road ties. The climb is one mile up (with an average grade of 68%)  and four miles down. It starts at an elevation of 6200 feet above sea level and ends just above 8,000 feet.  On the way up my lungs burned, my chest heaved and I had at least one brief mental break down.  I had to stop so many times I lost count. A couple of times I was ready to bail but the way back down was too steep and we couldn’t find the short cut. I had to keep going. My colleagues encouraged me along and slowly, slowly, I made it to the top. The view was worth the pain. Breathtaking.

The Incline reminded me of how good it is to mentally and physically challenge oneself to do something that seems impossible. The Incline also reminded me of how important it is to have a support system when taking those challenges. I couldn’t have finished that hike without the encouragement of my colleagues, of that I’m sure. And you know what?  I felt like a bad ass at the end of that hike.  As hard as it was, I’ll totally do it again when I’m back in Colorado.

What’s your Incline?

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  • Jenny Hamilton

    Thoughtful post, BossMom! Thank you for the encouragement!

  • Blessing

    Very inspiring. I try to sneak in some physical activities when I travel too. I love the stairs, its breathtaking!

  • Ms. Latina

    Love this photo! Very inspirational. Was the trip an employee moral boosting event?

    Thanks for linking up your Wordless Wednesday! Hope to see you next week 🙂

    • bossmomonline

      Thanks! Actually, I was at a board meeting and a few of us who love to hike just decided to take advantage of the beautiful scenery between meetings. Thanks for stopping by, Ms. Latina. I always enjoy your posts, especially Sabroso Saturday.

  • BellaVidaLetty

    Hi, I found you via Ms.Latina’s ww linky. That’s a beautiful clear shot you managed to capture. Looks like a fun way to get some exercise in. There are no hills in South Florida.

    Bella Vida by Letty
    Have a great day.

    • bossmomonline

      Hi, Letty. Thanks for stopping by! You may not have hills in South Florida but you have that wonderful ocean! It was an amazing way to get a great workout – tough but the scenery made it worth it.

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