Working Mother Maintenance: High or Low?

I’ve just had my first hair appointment since returning from vacation a week and a half ago and I have to say I am feeling pretty great. My amazing stylist, Carl, decided to switch up my normally shoulder length bob to a shorter version for the summer. It’s inspired by the classic Vidal Sassoon bob and I am loving it.

Over the years, my maintenance routine has varied with my job and my budget. As a working mom, I’ve had to figure out a routine that works with my hectic schedule and keeps me professional looking in a minimal amount of time. Here’s what I’m doing these days:

Salon hair appointments (2x per month) – approx. cost $65+ tip

Shellac gel manicure (every three weeks) – approx. cost $35+ tip

Spa pedicure (monthly) – approx. $35 +tip

Eyebrow shaping/lip waxing (every three weeks) – approx. cost – $25 + tip

Gym membership – approx. cost – $100 per month

European facial (every other month)– approx. cost $85 + tip

The total cost of  my routine is about $250 – $340 per month not including the tips (20% on average). What do you think, dear reader? Am I too high maintenance or just about right? What’s your routine and how much do you typically spend?

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